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What Is The Best Fulvic Acid? Learn About It Now

Are you trying to discover by asking yourself, “what is the best fulvic mineral supplement to buy for your health?” We had been curious about this for long time, as well. We found these key indicators to be instrumental in the decision making process to create our own line of fulvic acid drops for your enjoyment.

What is the best fulvic acid in terms of Purity and Potency?

What Is the best fulvic acid supplement? Humful's fulvic acid scores a 100% in dissolved mineral content with a salt brine hydrometer testWhen it comes to purity and potency, there can be many conflicting opinions out there, and different brands will justify why their product is better than the others. However, there is a consistent trait that quality fulvic acid products have that the others do not. That is the method of extraction.

Fulvic minerals can be refined in a number of ways, resulting in different levels of natural (and unnatural, in some cases)  compounds found in the end product. Lower grade products are plentiful in this space, as we have found that many products are simply ‘white label’ products from bulk manufacturers who source from cheap and often contaminated sources, like much of the raw minerals coming from China.

In these lower quality products, processes of extraction can include the use of harsh acids to precipitate out fulvic acids from an already harsh alkali concoction. This often damages the delicate nutrient profiles found in the end product, which is then diluted in water to such a degree that it takes several tablespoons of their supplement to garner any benefit that remains in their product. Harmful substances are often remaining within these products, which can lead to nutrient deficiencies in the body.

Some brands claim to be an ultra-premium product, but go through an extensive filtration process to ensure that only the smallest nano-sized particles make it into their end product. While this can increase bioavailability in certain instances, they are removing a good amount of some healthful compounds that work synergistically with the smaller compounds, leaving you with a product that is not whole, discarding potential health benefits on the filtration room floor.

Why we believe Humful is a superior product in this regard is that the use of chemicals is strictly prohibited in the extraction process. Only pristine water sources are used to leach the fulvic acid complexes from concentrated fulvic minerals after having gone through a nearly decade long process to naturally release the fulvic material from the matrix they are found in. This results in a holistic extraction process that protects vital nutrients and compounds for your direct benefit.

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Source Material

Possibly the only thing more important than the extraction process is the quality of the raw material that is being processed. As mentioned previously, many bulk manufactured fulvic acid supplements on the market are made from overly-processed, low quality sources. And using cheap tricks like chemical additives to artificially boost the nutrient content is sadly very prevalent in the industry.

Leonardite, or brown coal, seems to be the most prevalent source of low grade humic substances. Oxifulvic acid is processed from standard coal, and is often contaminated with toxins like heavy metals, and needs to go through a number of processes to purify the fulvic minerals.

So what is the best fulvic acid sourced from? At Humful, we have been fortunate to locate a very large prehistoric seabed that has been classified as an ancient mineral deposit within the United States that produces extremely high quality organic material and fulvic compounds with high mineral content.

It is naturally very low in inorganic metals and extremely high in health boosting fulvic minerals, amino acids, probiotics, electrolytes, and much more. And the natural water extraction process ensures that these delicate compounds are preserved, providing better health benefits from our unadulterated fulvic acid complex drops.

Taste and Solubility

There is a saying of old, and it goes, “a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.” The reason this aphorism exists is that some medicines are not pleasant to to our taste buds. This holds true for natural herbs and minerals, as well. Some are downright bitter and/or astringent, and a little treat afterwards makes taking them a much more pleasant experience. So what is the best fulvic acid in regards to taste?

Products that have been extracted with bases and acids often have a pH level that is irritating to the sensitive tissues in the mouth and throat, and have a rough flavor to match.

Some brands state that in order for it to be a premium product, there shouldn’t be much of a taste to it, or even be neutral in that department. We don’t necessarily agree with that idea.

Humful’s fulvic acid complex drops are pure and unadulterated. This means that the drops will have an ‘earthy’ taste to it. We don’t remove any of the macro-trace minerals, and we don’t pasteurize the liquid, which means that it will retain more of its natural nutrient dense profile than the other low quality products, and even our ‘premium’ counterparts.

And even with our fulvic acid being much more intact than the others, our drops have a great level of solubility in filtered water. And all of this without the need for additional filtration.  Check out our raw video about how to use our drops:

You may have already encountered lower quality fulvic products that do not readily dissolve in water. Particles floating on top, or precipitating out of the water and falling to the bottom of the glass. Our bodies are, when properly hydrated, up to 80% water. If your fulvic acid is not water soluble, you will be losing much of the potential health benefits, as their product will not readily assimilate at the cellular level within your body, allowing vital nutrients to penetrate the cell walls more effectively.

So what is the very best fulvic acid for my overall health?

We do hope that your question, what is the best fulvic acid supplement for my overall health, has been answered sufficiently. We have outlined several reasons why our Fulvic Acid Complex drops are superior to the market stragglers and leaders. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime by leaving a comment below or via our contact form. We’ll be happy to answer those questions or concerns!

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