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Fulvic Acid Detox – Symptoms and Benefits

One word that has gained a lot of hype as the dietary supplement industry grows has been detoxification. There is also a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to the topic. We are going to go over some of the basics as well as answer many questions about fulvic acid detox symptoms and benefits, and we are glad you are coming along with us.

About Detoxification

In the mid 19th Century, detoxicate was the medical term that meant to, “remove poisonous qualities from.” This turned into detoxify around 1905, was shortened to detox in the 1970’s, which also was a shortened version of a detoxification center.

Going through a detox program is similar to pressing a reset button within our body. You are more likely to return to healthful energy levels, hormone balances, and a better emotional foundation, as well as reduce certain food cravings you’ve had, improve your digestion, and give your adrenal glands a rest.

Our bodies are remarkable in their own right when it comes to its detoxification capabilities. In fact, when we are even mostly healthy, the human body will remove normal biological waste from cells and many environmental toxins at all times of the day. It is unfortunate, however, that the world we live in is so contaminated with harmful substances, our innate systems cannot deal with the barrage at times, and our systems get overloaded.

When our body cannot eliminate toxic substances efficiently and effectively, those detoxification pathways become clogged, and toxins may deposit themselves within our fat and other cells. Those toxins can remain in the body for years, and often times decades, and may induce chronic health issues and autoimmune diseases.

When we go through a detox, those toxins are finally accessed again for processing, and eventually eliminated from the body. But when the body is exposed to those toxins again, one may begin to feel a bit off. Here is what to look for.

Detox Symptoms

Fulvic Acid Detox Symptoms

Fulvic acid is a very powerful anti-oxidant. Its ability to donate and receive electrons is remarkable, and it small molecular size allows it to penetrate into the cellular level. These capabilities give fulvic acid the ability to bind to toxins hidden deep within our bodies. Heavy metals, plastics, and harsh chemicals have their structures altered so that the body can process them out of our bodies.

For some, the first days of a detox may be the most difficult. You might go through detox symptoms that will make you feel fairly rough. Don’t stress about that though! These are often short lived and should be gone soon. And once your body is done detoxing, you will feel lighter and more energized.

Here are some of the most common fulvic acid detox symptoms people experience when doing a detox:


Bathroom habits are some of the first noticeable changes you have when going through a detox. Our bowels is where the vast majority of toxins leave our body. Solid waste out the colon, and liquid waste in our urine.

When taking fulvic acid, it is common that you will experience an increase in the amount of water one drinks during the day. And the effectiveness of the water in being able to transport toxins out of the body is enhanced with fulvic acid. This means that you may experience diarrhea or constipation during the process. If this doesn’t resolve itself on its own within a few days, you may wish to consult with a physician to go over your process to see how to best remedy that with you.

Lymphatic Swelling

Swelling in the neck (sore throat), groin, or underarms may be indicative that your lymph nodes are working overtime. This system has several responsibilities within your body. It maintains fluid levels, absorbs fat from your digestive tract, makes and releases lymphocytes (white blood cells), and transports and removes waste products and abnormal cells. It is made up of lymph (the fluid within the system), lymph nodes (glands that filters the lymph as it passes through), lymphatic vessels (the network of capillaries and tubes and nodes), and collection ducts (where lymphatic vessels drain into).

When going through a detox and you have a lot of toxic substances being released and processed, your lymphatic system may be overwhelmed acting as the filter and waste manager for your body. If this occurs, do not panic about it. This is your body working hard to cleanse itself.


Increases in bathroom usage, swollen glands, and metabolism changes can make anybody moody! The increase in waste products processing in your body can cause a bit of irritation to how you are feeling. Eliminating things like sugar and/or caffeine from your diet to help the detox along may cause symptoms of withdrawal, and may play a role in being grumpy.

Some folks also have an overgrowth of candida in their body. When candida is killed, it can release a large volume of toxins that can provoke allergy-like reactions and irritability, called a die-off reaction.


A lot of energy is expended when your body is uncovering toxins, producing compounds to fight and process those toxins, and to transport and then eliminate those from your body.

And if you are performing your detoxification as a fasting detox program, the lack of calories may also contribute to the lack of energy for the first few days.

Benefits of a Detox

Once you get past the initial symptoms of performing a detox, the benefits will begin to reveal themselves. And the ones that are noticed the most are they physical benefits.

Removing excess waste from its hiding places in fat and our organs help those tissues function as they should. The liver will be better able to produce enzymes and filter. The stomach can more efficiently produce acid and begin the digestive processes. The lymphatic system can balance fluids and remove new toxins more effectively. And the colon can more smoothly remove those waste products.

Increases in energy is a commonly reported benefit, and this makes a lot of sense. Depending on the detox program, the removal of toxins allows the body to divert the energy spent to fight those to more productive endeavors, like rebuilding tissue and focusing on thriving instead of surviving.

Enhancements in external body parts may also be noticed. Stronger, healthier hair has been reported. Clearer skin is also widely reported. The epidermis is our largest organ, and toxins can build up within it. A detox can help push those out via our sweat glands, which is why some people may visit the sauna regularly before, during, and after a detox regimen.

Without all those toxins built up in the digestive tract causing poor gut health, many people report better breath as a pleasant result. Some have theorized that a backup within the colon could be responsible for an increase in bad bacteria that can cause halitosis.

Without all that gunk in the gastro-intestinal tract, a boost in your immune function may be noticed. As the food and dietary supplements pass through, you will have better nutrient absorption and vitamins and minerals and amino acids, thanks to fulvic acid! And with your body receiving much better nutrition, it can produce the lymphocytes and other cells and compounds it needs to have an optimally functioning immune system.

Tips For A Successful Detox

Your body is an incredible organic machine. And it is very capable of removing toxins on its own. However, going through a program can give those systems a boost and help restore your system to optimal health. To be the most helpful to your body, here are some tips to give your body the best chance as being successful in removing excess toxins.

Tips for a successful detox


Adequate sleep is mission critical to give your body the support it needs to go through enhanced detoxification. Your body has processes that it perform while you are asleep that aid in the elimination of toxins. Without adequate sleep, the toxins you are attempting to eliminate may not have the chance to be processed, and can become embedded in your body again.


Drink plenty of clean, filtered water. Water helps regulate temperature, aids in digestive health, transports nutrients and waste, and lubricates joints. Not drinking enough water causes your body to produce anti-diuretic hormones to retain water instead of allowing your body to use it to help with the detoxification process.

Healthful foods

Eating clean, organic foods that are rich in antioxidants will help protect your body from the newly released toxins and free radicals, and also helps your body counteract oxidative damage and stress. Items like berries, fresh nuts, vegetables, spices, tea, and even coffee have some of the highest levels of antioxidant properties.

Less sugar and salt

Processed foods tend to be loaded with hidden salt and sugar, and many have blamed these foods on much of the health-related epidemics we see today. Sugar-rich diets have been linked to obesity, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Most salt used in the food industry is chemically synthesized and is void of trace nutrients, and can cause excess buildup of fluids and bloating.

Stay Active

A reduction in the risk of developing many conditions and chronic diseases can be attributed to remaining active with regular exercise. Heart disease, high blood pressure, and certain cancers are affected by an active lifestyle. Being active also affects the level of inflammation in the body, and a reduction in joint pain and muscle pain may be seen, as well. Brain function can also be boosted with regular exercise.

Other Helpful Tips

Eat foods that contain high amounts of sulfur, like onions, garlic, cabbage, and broccoli, as they can help push out heavy metals like cadmium.

Adding spirulina and chlorella, types of algae, to your diet. They contain excellent nutrition like digestible protein and they also help in the elimination of heavy metals.

Changing to more natural self care products will help reduce your daily exposure to toxic chemicals. Phthalates, aluminum, artificial colors, surfactants, preservatives, and much more likely to be present in mass produced products, and the build up of those toxins in your system will set you back to square one with a toxic body.

Adding a quality fulvic acid supplement will help with nearly every aspect of your detox. Providing your body with critical trace minerals and nutrition that it needs will allow your body to repair and rebuild. It can get into the hard to reach cells and tissues and bind to toxins and heavy metals, turning them into compounds that are more easily expelled from the body. Fulvic acid can help efficiently hydrate your body, as minerals play an important role in this process.

Summing Up Fulvic Acid Detox Symptoms

From being grouchy to sitting on the toilet more often, when you are going through detox from environmental pollutants, a lot can feel off. Your body is an amazing machine and can generally handle this on its own. Through clean eating, staying active, staying hydrated, and supplementing with fulvic acid and other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, you can improve your overall health.

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