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Category Fulvic

Fulvic Acid in Sports and Exercise

Fulvic Acid Sport Nutrition and Exercise

Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring compound found in the earth’s soil, specifically in humic substances. It is a powerful electrolyte and an essential mineral complex that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Fulvic acid is known for…

Polyphenols (Fulvic Acid) and Immune Response

Polyphenols from Fulvic Acid and Immune Response

Polyphenols are a class of bioactive substances that are widely found in plants and composted plant materials, like fulvic acid. These compounds have gained considerable attention due to their beneficial effects on human health. Plant polyphenols have been shown to…

How To Detox Your Body


What is Detoxification? Detoxification is the process of removing harmful substances or toxins from the body. The human body has natural detoxification processes, but with the increase in exposure to environmental toxins, unhealthy foods, and high-stress levels, the body’s natural…

Is Fulvic Acid Good For Plants

Is fulvic acid good for plants?

Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring organic acid found in nature, and it has many benefits for plants. It helps to increase the uptake of essential minerals and nutrients, improves plant health, encourages root growth and development, and can even…

5 Common Causes of Brain Fog

5 common causes of brain fog

Have you forgotten about a conference call, or where you left your wallet? Having difficulty with complex tasks, missing deadlines, and feeling like your brain isn’t functioning properly are all signs of brain fog. If any of these apply to…

Fulvic Acid in Golf – Step Up Your Game

Fulvic Acid and Golf - Step Up Your Game

Do you feel like you’re lacking the energy and focus to take your golf game to the next level? If so, you’re not alone. Many players find that they struggle to stay in the zone when playing golf, leading to…

Fulvic Acid Vs Humic Acid – What’s The Difference?

fulvic acid vs humic acid

Fulvic and humic acid are two of the three fractions of humic substances that are naturally found in soil, the other being humin. Humic acids usually provide the optimal growing environment for plants in soil while fulvic acids are more…

Fulvic Acid Foot Soak – Benefits and Recipe

Fulvic Acid Foot Soak Benefits and Recipe

Fulvic acid is a versatile and powerful substance that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. In more recent times, scientists have been able to study the effects of fulvic acid, and evidence suggests that taking a fulvic acid…

What Is The Lymphatic System? A Brief Overview

what is the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system plays an important role in critical immune functions. It works to remove toxins and waste from the body, circulate fluids, and produce white blood cells that help defend us against infection. It helps to protect us from…

Fulvic Acid Weight Loss

Fulvic Acid Weight Loss

Are you looking for a way to burn fat and shed those extra pounds? Have you heard of the fulvic acid weight loss potential benefits? Fulvic acid is a humic substance derived from decomposing organic matter in soil. It has…