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Biofulvic Multimineral Fulvic and Humic Micronutrient Blend Review

A part of being well versed in our industry is knowing our competition as well as we can. This is why we are starting our series to perform fulvic acid reviews on the brands we see out there.

This brings us to the first product in the series: Biofulvic Multimineral Fulvic and Humic Micronutrient Blend.

Bottle of Biofulvic
Owner’s Opinion
Biofulvic Multimineral Fulvic and Humic Micronutrient Blend
  • Good Packaging and Branding
  • Good website content
  • Very low mineral saturation (about 2%)
  • Our bottle smelled like pure sulfur, between rotten eggs and a volcano
  • Particulates are floating right out the bottle
  • Mixed 2 Tbsp into 1 cup of water – stunk of sulfur
  • Taste wasn’t as bad as expected, but wasn’t pleasant
  • Has a harsh and rough texture to the water in the mouth
  • No user reviews on their website

I have to admit that I had high hopes trying this competitor after having seen their website advertised so often on the search engines during my research stage of the industry. However, when I wanted to grab a screenshot of the search results with their ads running, I couldn’t find a keyword that had their advertisement.

Bottom Line
Multimineral Fulvic and Humic Micronutrient Blend
1 Star
Bottom Line
Our bottle of Biofulvic, batch 12/22A, smelled of sulfur, had particles floating, bubbled in water, and left an awful taste and texture in the mouth. If we could score zero, we probably would…
Packaging was excellent
-Sulfur odor
-Particles floating/collecting at bottom
-Gritty feel after using
-Bubbling in water
-Uses humic product to darken liquid, making it seem more concentrated than it is
-2% mineral saturation on salt hydrometer test
-$53.95 for one month of product, including shipping

Pre-Consumption Check

I ordered the bottle from Biofulvic on April 9, 2023. It shipped on April 11, and I received it on April 17. It was shipped via UPS Ground, and was very well packaged. It is a large glass bottle (they have the option for a PET bottle on their site), and it was in those special hardened kraft bottle protectors, basically a wine bottle clam shell.

Biofulvic packaging was excellent

It has been sitting in our facility until 6/18, when I finally got around to testing it for this Biofulvic Review. I had removed the rubber band that held a plastic 15ml (1 tablespoon) measuring spoon and a Biofulvic magnet.

It was this initial contact that began to set my expectations…

The following video is our raw video of opening the bottle, pouring it into the tall 250ml glass cylinder, and testing it for mineral saturation with a salt brine hydrometer.

It was at this time I noticed the smell of rotten eggs. I did not believe my nose, and in the video you will see me bring the bottle up to my nose at about the 2:30 mark to make sure it really was coming from the bottle. And sure enough it was.

That was quite the off-putting experience. However, my mind told me that I must continue. So I dumped the content of the glass cylinder down the drain. Upon nearing the end of the dumping, another concern arose. There were physical particulates flowing down the side of the cylinder.

particulates in the biofulvic product

“Keep on truckin’ “, I said to myself. “This is for science!”

I then got a glass of filtered water for the taste test. On their label it recommends to take 2 tablespoons worth of their product. It said I could take it plain, with filtered water, or with juice. To make the comparison as comparable as possible, I used filtered water, since that is how I take our concentrated Fulvic Acid Complex drops.

After seeing the particulates in the glass cylinder, I was more than curious about what the ready-to-drink product would look like. So I set up an LED light underneath the jar with the filtered water and Biofulvic mixed. The results do not disappoint!

The video above is my first look at the end product before the taste test.

You may note a good amount of activity in there. The majority of the objects moving were actually bubbles. From what, I cannot say. Bubbles are an indication that either I shook the bottle too much, or there is some sort of microbial activity going on.

In a quick search for sulfur producing bacteria, I stumbled upon, which has some heterotrophic bacteria being able to produce sulfite and thiosulfate. However, since I don’t have a microscope currently, I cannot confirm the presence of any microbial. I can only confirm the presence of the overabundance of sulfurous compounds that singed my nosehairs.

The Taste Test

By this point I had lost most of my confidence in the product. From the smell to the floaties, my brain was not feeling it like it had been.

So I make the executive decision to not actually ingest the product. This may have been simply a bad bottle, and my health is more important than ingesting something I was repulsed to try.

BUT…I sure was curious if it tasted as bad as it smelled. So I took a small mouthful and swished a moment before spitting it out.

I must say….the physical taste was not as bad as I had expected. However, the texture (yes, there was texture remaining in my mouth post spit-out) was awful. My mouth felt gritty. My inner cheeks and tongue felt slightly tingly. I felt dehydrated from the palatoglossal arch forward.

My whole being was glad I did not imbibe upon this concoction. Though I did need to rinse my mouth out with fresh water and eat a slice of pizza to finally get past the biofilm left behind from such a product.


What makes this even more strange, is that earlier today I was speaking with an old friend of mine. I had sent him a test bottle of our fulvic acid concentrate some time ago, and he really liked it.

However, for some reason, he decided to order some fulvic acid from another brand in between then and now. And, we hadn’t spoken since I sent our sample bottle.

When we were on the phone, he had mentioned his purchase and wanted to order more of our product for his. I said no problem, and that got my gears going to get this review done.

So after I noticed the smell and the particulates, I sent him a text. This whole time I had been thinking that my bottle simply wasn’t sealed properly, or had a contaminant in it, and my bottle was a one off situation.

I texted my friend a picture of the bottle we were testing and asked him if he had the same issues.

Come to find out, HE DID! Here’s our text…

I have reached out to Biofulvic, and will update this post when I get a response about this situation.

It is my belief that this may have been a bunk batch. I am, however, quite annoyed that, if their batch was in fact a bad batch, they did not reach out to make contact and try to proactively rectify the situation at any point during the 2 months I had that bottle stored.

Also, in doing searches for their product (which is out of stock everywhere, leading me to believe it is a batch issue), I found this infographic on the Walmart Marketplace:

Since this bottle and my friend’s bottle failed in the sulfur odor and gritty texture, it may be what we suspect…a bunk batch.


Even after all of this, I still hold out hope that perhaps this was a rare and bunk experience from their company, Biofulvic. I may revisit them in the future. But as for this experience, I am thoroughly turned off by the whole ordeal, and am looking forward to the next installment of the Fulvic Acid Review Series.


Update 7/27 – I have emailed many times in the past month asking about their possible issues with their batch and if they have plans to rectify the problem and get us another bottle to test that was not comprimised.

We have heard absolutely nothing back from them. Which is such a bummer. If anything arises I will post another update. If we get a new bottle to test, we will make a new post and amend this one to point to the new review via some content in the beginning of our review.


  1. I remember this past summer (July 2023) saying they were doing “Inventory” on their website and they weren’t taking ANY orders for a week or two. I wonder if that had anything to do with your batch.. I’ve had a few bottles shipped to me I’ve order April 23′ May 23′ and July 23’of with no issues with any odors.

  2. I had the same issue! I’ve bought multiple bottles before in the past and they never smelled like sulphur/ rotten eggs! I ordered from a supplier of BioFulvic in August 2023 and complained to them and they told me they reached out to BioFulvic because they noticed the smell too and BioFulvic told them they pump the bottles with argon and that you need to keep the bottle open to let the gas escape before drinking. That is really odd! I’ve been trying to contact BioFulivc on my own to get more answers but they never reply either!!

    • Howdy, Dani!

      Sorry I didn’t see your comment. I was placed into the spam queue for some reason.

      And sorry you had such trouble with BioFulvic, too. We’ve gotten a number of emails outside of the blog comments about this, and it seems that it was quite an issue with their product.

      We have STILL yet to hear anything back about our emails and order after sending an email once per month to them.

      Thank you for contacting us about that!

  3. Hi there, I came across your website because I was trying to figure out the sulfur smell too. I ordered two bottles from Biofulvic and the first didn’t have this smell, which is why when I opened the second one, and that smell hit me, I closed it back up and started calling them and looking online. Did you get any answers? I think our order times may be similar (May 11, 2023). I have the other bottle with the same Lot info and expiration date and it doesn’t smell like anything at all. Happy to connect.

    • Hi, Jessica!

      That smell was certainly a punch in the nose, and it is interesting that it was only one bottle out of the two you ordered.

      We’ve been attempting to contact them consistently since our review, and still have yet to receive any response, unfortunately.

      Have you gotten any contact back from them yet?

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